Volume 3 - Issue 1, March 2021

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IJHSR ISSN (Online Version): 2642 1054
IJHSR ISSN (Print Version): 2642 1046

Tasty or Toxic: Evaluating the Effects of Common Food Additives on Daphnia Magna

Aditya Mahna, Ayush Mahna

Troy High School, 2200 Dorothy Ln, Fullerton, CA 92831, USA; [email protected]
IJHSR 2021 Vol. 3 Issue 1 p. 1-3
Download Article: https://doi.org/10.36838/v3i1.1

KEYWORDS: Toxicology; Food Additives; Daphnia magna; Monosodium Glutamate; Food Color; Sodium Nitrite.

Using Neuropeptide Y as a Marker to Track GABAergic Neurons in Rat Brains Prenatally Primed with Betamethasone

Akshara Koottala

New Rochelle High School, 265 Clove Rd, New Rochelle, NY, 10801, USA; [email protected]
IJHSR 2021 Vol. 3 Issue 1 p. 4-10
Download Article: https://doi.org/10.36838/v3i1.2

KEYWORDS: Biology; Neuroscience; Epilepsy; Transgenerational Epigenetic Inheritance; Cortex; Striatum; GABAergic Neurons; Neuropeptide Y.

The Electrochemical Reduction of CO2 into Ethanol Utilizing Novel Doped Cu/SiO2 Nanoparticles and Electrolytes

Ashish Pothireddy, Clarence Ramirez, Sulav Regmi

Governor’s School at Innovation Park, 9485 Innovation Dr, Manassas, Virginia, 20110, USA; [email protected]
IJHSR 2021 Vol. 3 Issue 1 p. 11-19
Download Article: https://doi.org/10.36838/v3i1.3

KEYWORDS: Electrochemistry; Reduction; Catalyst; Copper; Nanoparticles.

Ultrasonic Planimals! The Bioacoustics of Fusing Cyphastrea Coral

Camila Rimoldi Ibanez

Sebring High School, 3514 Kenilworth Blvd., Sebring, Florida, 33870, USA; [email protected]
IJHSR 2021 Vol. 3 Issue 1 p. 20-24
Download Article: https://doi.org/10.36838/v3i1.4

KEYWORDS: Earth and Environmental Science; Climate Science; Marine Biology; Corals; Ultrasounds.

A Novel Arsenic Filtration System for Low-Income Families in Rural Bangladesh

Ishraq A. Haque

Academic Magnet High School, 5109 Enterprise St, North Charleston, SC, 29405, USA; [email protected]
IJHSR 2021 Vol. 3 Issue 1 p. 25-29
Download Article: https://doi.org/10.36838/v3i1.5

KEYWORDS: Chemistry; Arsenic; SONO filter; Composite Iron Matrix (CIM); Tube Well Water; 3-Kolshi; One Step Red Soil Filtration (OSRSF); Laterite Soil; Bangladesh.

Emotion and Consumption Profiles in a COVID-19 Environment

Melissa Han

3115 Windsong Drive, Oakton, VA, 2212, USA; [email protected]
IJHSR 2021 Vol. 3 Issue 1 p. 30-37
Download Article: https://doi.org/10.36838/v3i1.6

KEYWORDS: Biology; Coronavirus; COVID-19; Emotions; Consumption patterns; China; Survey; Health; Economics.

Quantifying the LEctenna: Measuring the Invisible Made Visible

Michelle L. Yu

Thomas S. Wootton High School, 2100 Wootton Pkwy, Rockville, MD, 20850, USA; [email protected]
IJHSR 2021 Vol. 3 Issue 1 p. 38-44
Download Article: https://doi.org/10.36838/v3i1.7

KEYWORDS: Physics; Energy; Solar; Engineering; Power Beaming; Rectifying Antenna.

Brain Cancer Cell-derived Exosomes Protect Scopolamine-Induced Death of SH-SY5Y Neuron Cells

Minseo Lee

Cranbrook Kingswood, 39221 Woodward Ave, Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304, USA; [email protected]
IJHSR 2021 Vol. 3 Issue 1 p. 45-48
Download Article: https://doi.org/10.36838/v3i1.8

KEYWORDS: Biochemistry; Physiology; Exosome; Cancer; Neuron; Scopolamine Hydrobromide; Cell Death.

Will a New Motorway Bridge Affect Avifauna of the Danube in Bratislava?

Miloslav Mišík

Tilgnerova 14, Bratislava, 84105, Slovakia; [email protected]
IJHSR 2021 Vol. 3 Issue 1 p. 49-53
Download Article: https://doi.org/10.36838/v3i1.9

KEYWORDS: Ecology; Avifauna; Danube River; Slovakia; Monitoring; Motorway Construction; Bird Migration.

Targeted Cancer Therapy: From Scratch to Clinical Trials

Ojas Gupta

Lynbrook High School, 1280 Johnson Ave, San Jose, CA, 95129, Santa Clara Count, USA; [email protected]
IJHSR 2021 Vol. 3 Issue 1 p. 54-62
Download Article: https://doi.org/10.36838/v3i1.10

KEYWORDS: Molecular Biology; Computational Biology; Genetics; Genomics; Computational Chemistry.

Determinants of Coronary Vascular Events Responsible for Sudden Death- Vulnerable Plaque Trial (DISCOVER-VP)

Rachel Rivera

New Rochelle High School, 265 Clove Road, New Rochelle, New York, 10801, USA; [email protected]
IJHSR 2021 Vol. 3 Issue 1 p. 63-66
Download Article: https://doi.org/10.36838/v3i1.11

KEYWORDS: Biomedical and Health Sciences; Cardiovascular Diseases; Sudden Cardiac Death; Coronary Computed Tomography; Unstable Plaque; Vulnerable Plaque.

Aeropalynologic Features of Plants and Fungi Pollination in Kazan and Their Influence on Hay Fever

Rakhim Khamitov, Rafcat Kireev

Lyceum boarding school No:2, Shamilya Usmanova 9, Kazan, 420095, Russia; [email protected]
IJHSR 2021 Vol. 3 Issue 1 p. 67-73
Download Article: https://doi.org/10.36838/v3i1.12

KEYWORDS: Ecology; health; allergies; monitoring; pollen; pollinosis; aeropalynologic features.

Investigating Effectiveness of Different Salt Reagents (NaCl,CaCl2, MgSO4) On Solid Ice Cubes

Satya S. Juttada

Milliken Mills High School, 7522 Kennedy Rd, Markham, ON L3R 9S5, Canada; [email protected]
IJHSR 2021 Vol. 3 Issue 1 p. 74-77
Download Article: https://doi.org/10.36838/v3i1.13

KEYWORDS: Chemistry; Salts; Ice-cube; Deicing; Timing.