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Peer-reviewed by faculty and open source

Terra Journals, a publication of non-profit Terra Science and Education, has been publishing research journals since 2019 and one of its journals became the leading journal in its field. Due to our rigor and professional processing mechanism, we will make IJUR as the leading journal for undergraduate students. All manuscripts published by IJUR will be indexed internationally by EBSCO, which makes it available to be searched by most libraries around the world. IJUR selects the highest quality of student research work in all disciplines, STEM, social sciences, humanities, and arts. IJUR publishes both original research or literature review articles. Four issues are published each year. IJUR has a rolling admission without a deadline and has an open access to public. A publication is a higher level of presentation and requires higher level of detail and work, therefore it is more  highly valued when compared to poster or oral presentations.

IJHSR is a publication of Terra Science and Education, a 501.c.3. nonprofit organization. 


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2024 Accepting Articles

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2023 Accepting Articles



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